Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Mommy's Beef Olives

We simply call this "Olives" and it has been the main fare of our Christmas holidays among the Macgregor Esposo Filipinos for as far back as I can remember. Not advisable for those already health-challenged but for those who still can, it's very easy to make and quite delicious! (Not a good idea for dieters or Xenical users though!)

2 kilos kabilugan (eye round), sliced half-inch thick
one half pound butter
2 cups sliced pitted green olives
4 big onions chopped; 6-7 onions if medium-sized
two 8-oz can of tomato sauce

(I don't add water because the onions provide the liquid and the butter provide substantial fat but keep looking anyway because you may need to add some water in case there is some danger of drying--usually the case when your cooking pot is thin or do not have a tight lid. )

Put all ingredients in a good pot or Dutch oven (non-stick would be better) and cook in a slow setting, allowing the butter to slowly permeate the mixture. It may take 2 hours or more for beef to be to desired tenderness. It is important for the liquid to evaporate and leave the butterfat showing on the surface. (one and a half blocks of butter will certainly provide a good oily surface!)

TIP: Your dish is perfectly done if the beef had slightly disintegrated and can be cut with a fork. Butterfat should be the surface liquid.

This dish tends to taste better when allowed to steep in its flavor for a few hours and then reheated.

Great with French bread as you will have lots of nice sauce for dipping. My mother used to put this in sandwiches for us to take to school and the bread will be saturated with a curiosity-arousing red buttery sauce. Rice eaters that we are, we have learned to love this with plain steamed rice.

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